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A car accident lawyer knows being involved in an auto accident can be a frightening and life changing event. A car accident can cause debilitating physical injuries, significant medical expenses, and persistent pain and suffering. Furthermore, a serious car accident injury that prevents you from returning to your job (or that limits the number of hours you can work) can also be financially devastating. Even an accident that occurs at a low speed, or that does not result in much damage to your car, can cause serious physical injuries. Additionally you have to deal with the stress of determining how you will pay for medial treatment, repairs to your vehicle and other expenses. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, it is important to know what benefits you may be entitled to. As experienced car accident lawyers, Manly Shipley knows how to take appropriate action to protect all the legal rights you have. Our accident injury lawyers in Savannah understand the stress and confusion that a car or other motor vehicle accident causes to victims and their families. We have spent years litigating car, SUV and commercial trucking accident cases, including head-on collisions and hit-and-run accidents.

Do you need a car accident lawyer?

Car accidents can be complicated. The true cause and who is responsible is not always easy to see. In addition to irresponsible or reckless drivers potentially, there are also vehicle repair mechanics, auto manufacturers and government bodies that could be liable for an accident. If an auto repair shop didn’t install your brake pads properly, that mechanic acted negligently may be liable. If those brake pads were defectively manufactured, the manufacturer may be liable. If the city in which you were driving wasn’t properly maintaining roads, and that contributed to the accident, the city could be responsible. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and want a car accident lawyer to get you a fair settlement from the negligent parties, Manly Shipley can help.

What To Do After A Car Accident

First, move to a safe area if you aren’t seriously injured. Make sure to put your car into park and turn off the engine. After that check on all other parties involved, then call the 911. If possible while waiting, gather as much info such driver names, insurance info, license plate numbers, etc. You should also take pictures. Next report the accident to your insurance company, they’ll be able to help you through the process. Finally you should consult with a car accident lawyer who can provide legal advice to protect your rights.

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