Workers Compensation Lawyer
Workers’ Compensation
Not every injured worker will need to hire a workers compensation lawyer. Sadly, some employers subject their employees to unsafe working conditions. Unfortunately, when this happens, workers can suffer in more ways than one. From life-altering injuries that demand ongoing medical treatment to lost wages, workplace accidents can hurt employees physically, financially, and emotionally. If you were injured at work, in addition to workers’ compensation benefits, under limited circumstances you may be entitled to pursue a lawsuit against an individual or entity other than your employer.

When a Workers Compensation Lawyer Is Necessary

Any time you’re in a dispute with the insurance company, you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent you. You will need to gather evidence in order to challenge the insurance company’s position, which may include taking depositions, requesting an independent medical examination, and hiring expert witnesses—all of which require legal knowledge and skill. Some examples are:
  • Your claim is denied
  • Your our permanent disability rating is disputed
  • You have a preexisting condition
  • Your ability to work has been affected
  • You’re receiving other government benefits

Options for Additional Compensation

A workers compensation lawyer can also help you to be aware of other ways to get compensated for your injury. Workers compensation is generally the exclusive way an employee can seek any compensation after a workplace injury. However, in some instances third-party lawsuits are possible. In a third-party lawsuit, you can attempt to seek damages against a party other than your employer. For example, if a defective piece of machinery or equipment was involved in your accident, a third-party lawsuit could be possible against the manufacturer of the defective equipment.

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