Maritime Injury Lawyer
Maritime Injuries
Why should you consider speaking with a maritime injury lawyer? Offshore work can often be dangerous with injuries involving serious and life-altering consequences. With maritime expertise they can help protect your rights and work toward a settlement to relieve your burdens after an injury. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed while working offshore, it is in your best interests to contact a knowledgeable maritime injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Should you call a maritime injury lawyer?

If you were injured aboard a qualified vessel, you are entitled to receive “maintenance and cure” while you are unable to work. “Maintenance” is intended to provide an injured seaman with living expenses until he or she is able to return to work. “Cure” is the payment of all medical expenses related to the injury until the seaman is able to return to work or the maximum level of recovery has been reached. Maintenance payments are typically much less than a seaman’s regular wages. The Jones Act allows a seaman to file a personal injury lawsuit against the owner of the vessel where the injury occurred. Such lawsuits can demand lost wages, anticipated future medical expenses, and compensation for “pain and suffering” as well as punitive damages.

What is the Jones Act?

The Jones Act is a federal law, the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, that governs crew member rights, maritime commerce, and maintenance requirements of ships and their operations. Per the Jones Act, claims can be filed when an injury results from the negligent actions of an employer or coworker. The ship owners can also be at fault if an accident is caused by the unsafe condition of their vessel. This law applies to inland river workers as well as offshore crew members who work on crew boats, dredges, cruise ships, tankers, and barges among many other types.

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